Hello, I'm Santiago

I'm a full stack developer with over five years of experience working in the tech industry. Currently working as a Senior Technician, specializing in WordPress sites, Linux, server management and problem-solving. I'm very passionate about working with the latest web development technologies. Let's work on something together!

Latest Projects

MySQL Inventorymore_vert

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MySQL Inventoryclose

A Node.js, Amazon-like application that takes orders from customers and depletes stock from the store's inventory using a MySQL database.

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React: Clicky Gamemore_vert

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React: Clicky Gameclose

Memory game inspired by the Guess Who? board game. It uses stateless components with information being passed as props from stateful parent component.

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Node Liri Appmore_vert

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Node Liri Appclose

Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface (LIRI). A command line node app that takes in parameters and returns data. It searches Spotify for songs, Bands in Town for concerts, and OMDB for movies.

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